Metropolis Council Metropolis Council

The Metropolis Council is an advisory board to Metropolitan Isaiah. Its focus is the life and the growth of the Metropolis, its ministries, institutions, and financial condition.

As prescribed in the Archdiocese Regulations, a Metropolis Council is comprised of the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, eight Clergy selected by the Clergy Syndesmos, eight Laity elected by the Clergy-Laity Assembly, and appointees chosen by the Metropolitan. Members serve a two-year term.

Metropolis Council Documents

Archived Metropolis Council documents from 2011 - present.

2017-2019 Metropolis Council Roster

His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah
Denver, CO
Dr. Louis Rousalis, MD
Vice Chairman
Casper, WY
Rev. Dn. Paul Zaharas
Denver, CO
Mr. Pete Kappos
Assistant Treasurer
Denver, CO
Mr. Ted Koinis
Houston, TX
Ms. Elaine Cladis
Greenwood Village, CO
Mr. John Johns
Metropolis Legal Council
Denver, CO
Ms. Barbara Vittas
Metropolis Philoptochos President
Euless, TX
Mr. Scott Akins
Oklahoma City, OK
Mr. Nick Azar
Casper, WY
Dr. Charles Beck
Cottonwood Heights, UT
Mr. Paul Bitsos
Omaha, NE
Dr. Angelo Brisimitazakis
Overland Park, KS
Rev. Jordan Brown
Clergy Syndesmos Vice President
Boulder, CO
Mr. Chris Canellos
Dallas, TX
Rev. Lou Christopulos
Greenwood Village, CO
Mr. Damon Diamantaras
Houston, TX
Mr. Jim Dunlap
Kansas City, MO
Mr. Sam Galeotos
Cheyenne, WY
Rev. George Gartelos
Clergy Syndesmos President
Tulsa, OK
Rev. Mario Giannopoulos
Clergy Syndesmos Treasurer
Ogden, UT
Rev. Dimitrios Kyritsis
Denver, CO
Rev. Michael Lambakis
Houston, TX
Mr. Keith Maib
Kansas City, MO/Dallas, TX
Mr. George Naftis
Dallas, TX
Rev. Luke Palumbis
Houston, TX
Mr. Thomas Peters
Salt Lake City, UT
Rev. Constantine Sinos
Kansas City, MO
Ms. Martha Stefanidakis
Houston, TX
Mr. Tom Suehs
Austin, TX
Rev. John Tsaras
Clergy Syndesmos Secretary
Oklahoma City, OK
Mr. George Vittas
Euless, TX

2017-2019 Metropolis Council Roster