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Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver
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Note: Regarding Inter-Parish and Inter-Metropolis Marriages
The parish priest where the couple resides, will meet with the couple, provide them with pre-marital counseling, and submit the Affidavit for License to Marry to his hierarch. If the couple will be married at another parish of the metropolis, at a parish of the Archdiocesan District, or at a parish of another metropolis, the couple's parish priest will send the Episcopal License to Marry (from his own hierarch) to the priest of the other parish (even if of a different Metropolis) who will celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage on his behalf. This has been the accepted procedure agreed upon and approved by the hierarchs of our Holy Eparchial Synod, and used throughout the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, for over three decades. For more detailed information, please refer to:
 Administrative Guidelines for the Sacrament of Marriage
 Requirements for Marriage in Greece

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Note: Regarding Clergy Entering the Metropolis of Denver
All Clergy intending to enter the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver for any purpose, which includes serving at or visiting any parish of the Metropolis, must obtain prior written adeia from Metropolitan Isaiah. For more specific guidance, please refer to:
 Procedures for Clergy Requesting Adeia

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